Creative Vision

Draw a circle in the center of the page, this represents the center of a tree when viewed looking down from the sky. This is your perfect self your personal acorn from which all your dynamic positive energy flows. Now draw free hand the branches growing out of the center – seven or more; attach one word at each branch that represents a goal, desire and reward that you want to attain.

You are using your right brain’s ability to visualize and accept in the now- having presently accomplished your goals.

Using the right half of your brain:




          This leads to:

Planning & Organizing

Problem solving

Faster than using linear thinking alone; drawing a diagram allows a free flow of ideas from your brain. This method is known as a Mind Map and will allow you to be more creative and efficient in communicating with colleagues in a meeting, giving a presentation, solving problems and selling your ideas to prospective clients and customers! Most important it will allow you to communicate with yourself and let your creativity flow from within to build the life of your VISION!

Left Brain Thinking Right Brain Thinking


Logic                                                                             Visual

Order                                                                             Color

Lists                                                                               Creative

Time                                                                              Without Time

Linear                                                                            Intuition

Pieces                                                                            Whole

 Action Steps:

Create a vision board with you as the center, draw freehand the branches growing out of the tree and cut out pictures representing all of your values, dreams and goals. Words can be used but not more than one word at each branch. Repeat more than once – unleash all of your creative thoughts and ideas.


 Zak Klemmer

2 responses to “Creative Vision

  1. Very cool Zak! My Dad must’ve been let on to this years ago because while in highschool he had me to do something similiar to this when setting goals. I also remember a certain school project where I had to pass in notes and I had done them very similarly to this. If I remember correctly, I got a good grade on it. 🙂

    My Dad also had told me about the brain being better able to map things when goals were set using this method. Thank you for posting this. It is a nice reminder that I should really get myself away from the ‘listing’ method that I’ve grown too accustomed to.

  2. Fascinating – watched a bunch of Youtube vids on this. Some use colored pencils for the branches, is there a reason for this? Does color excite the imagination – no doubt. Will try it.

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