A Mind United

In his nominating speech for the Republican nomination for US Senate from Illinois in 1858 Abraham Lincoln said regarding the crisis of slavery:

 “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

 In your mind: a mind divided against itself cannot succeed. One cannot be of two minds, one positive and confident that goals will be achieved and fortune made while at the same time pessimistic about the outcome of one’s life.

 A purpose directed life is our goal; just as the space race had a goal of landing a man on the moon and safely returning him to the earth.  Great achievers set lofty goals and hold themselves to high standards willing to pay the price for success. Ninety-seven percent of adults have no definite purpose for their life. Deciding on a definite specific purpose is the starting point for all great achievement! You are only limited by the thoughts that you choose to hold. 

 Visualize what you desire; make a mind map, allow your imagination to run free. A Mind Map taps into the right hemisphere of your brain the center of creativity without time or limits. Have faith that you are very similar to all great achievers which have come before.

 Self-doubt is the seed of failure as surly as a civil war will destroy a society, a nation and marital discord will end a relationship. Becoming of one mind and choosing success is the first and most important principle of living an extraordinary life.

Herb Alpert was a music student at USC in the 1950’s a member of the USC Marching Band for two years and began to write songs. He became a cofounder of A&M Records with Jerry Moss what you may not know is that A&M Records started with one tune and Alpert recorded it in his garage:

 “Alpert set up a small recording studio in his garage and had been overdubbing a tune called ‘Twinkle Star’, written by Sol Lake, who would eventually write many of the Brass’ original tunes. During a visit to Tijuana, Mexico, Alpert happened to hear a mariachi band while attending a bullfight. Following the experience, Alpert recalled that he was inspired to find a way to musically express what [he] felt while watching the wild responses of the crowd, and hearing the brass musicians introducing each new event with rousing fanfare. Alpert adapted the trumpet style to the tune, [using] audio mixing – mixed in crowd cheers and other noises for ambiance, and renamed the song “The Lonely Bull”. He personally funded the production of the record as a single, and it spread through radio DJs until it caught on and became a Top Ten hit in 1962.

 He followed up quickly with his debut album, “The Lonely Bull” by “Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass”. Originally the Tijuana Brass was just Alpert overdubbing his own trumpet, slightly out of sync. The title cut reached #6 on the Billboard Magazine Pop Singles Chart. This was A&M Records’ first album (the original number was 101), although it was recorded at Conway Records.

By the end of 1964, because of a growing demand for live appearances by the Tijuana Brass, Alpert auditioned and hired a team of studio musicians.” –Wikipedia

You can be the next “Herb Alpert” in your field of endeavor all it takes is Motive + Action = motiv-action! Allow your thinking to choose success, your mind is the most powerful instrument of humankind, use it to find creative answers and attract people and things to your cause! Think and believe: “Success is a choice that I take each day.”

Action steps:

1. Create a Vision for yourself.

2. Write a plan of action, prioritize.

3. Live the plan as if you have become your vision.

4. Find mentors

5. Do it now!

“Motion creates the self.” –Nathanial Brandon

So get moving!

I am available for personal consultations, for an appointment you can reach me at: 520.977.0141

See you on Success Road!

Zak Klemmer

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