Life Is A Gift

My name is Alex Zakutansky; I was born in 1883 in Cigelka Slovakia and immigrated to America in 1903. I am now near the end of my days- it’s 1965.

I came to America looking for a better life and found what I was searching for, making my way in the world. Arriving with little money and no English skills I used my wits and dreams to propel myself forward and upward.

I married my sweetheart Ana Guzzie in Pittsburgh in 1907; unable to support my young family sent my bride back to the old country to stay with her family until I was able to support them, my first son John was born there in 1908. Finally in 1914 having the money sent for my wife and son to join me in Gary, Indiana.

I started working at the Gary steel mill in 1910. Being an enterprising young man looking toward my future I bought two unimproved lots on Lincoln Street in Gary. I started to build houses to rent out. My young family lived in the basement of the first. The years passed and the good Lord blessed us with another son, George and then a daughter, Ann.

I continued my building plan until I built an apartment building at Fillmore Street and 5th Avenue in Gary. After many years I was able to retire and live off the rents. We later moved the family to southern California where I invested in another apartment building in Sherman Oaks, California. Before I pass away and my body turns to dust I wanted to pass on the wisdom that I have gained in my brief lifetime.

Life is a gift and therefore you should always present yourself to the world as if you are a “gift”. You are unique – no one whom has ever lived is just like you. You are human so even though you share many characteristics of your fellows use your imagination to stand out from the common man and woman to ascend to greatness in both large and small things. Your imagination should be developed and your ideas should be acted upon, this will give your life meaning in the deepest sense of the word. Let not others discourage or disparage you from striving for your dream as they live in limitation and may not be ready for your message and level of understanding.

There is a river- a great river of consciousness in the cosmic that you can tap into with your mind’s intuition. Learn how to use this power, listen closely and act upon its message. Trust yourself and act as Intuition is the most powerful part of YOU.

Do not accept limitation or allow others to place limits on your worth or put you in a box. Our creator gave us a wonderful computer, our human mind – this is very powerful and with it you can become uncommon and live an extraordinary life, use your imagination to truly live fully.

Live a life of love- that is to say build a career doing what you love. This is where you get powerful energy from. Your love will attract others to your cause and your collaboration with others will make your dreams become a reality.

Always be honest with yourself, integrity is a gift that you give yourself. It is your intrinsic worth that cannot be purchased with money. Your honesty will be the foundation on which to build a life worthy of your soul and mind. Your intuition, knowledge and actions will make your life successful – an extraordinary life that will give you the satisfaction that your life was worth living.

Action steps:

1. Create a Vision for yourself.

2. Write a plan of action, prioritize.

3. Live the plan as if you have become your vision.

4. Find mentors

5. Do it now!

“Motion creates the self.” –Nathaniel Branden

So get moving!

I am available for personal consultations, for an appointment you can reach me at: 520.977.0141

See you on Success Road!

Zak Klemmer

3 responses to “Life Is A Gift

  1. Great story! Great message.

  2. monsoon, Alex Zakutansky was my paternal grandfather. Thanks!

  3. Wow! That is amazing. That is great that you were able to get that from him. Thank you for sharing. He was obviously a very wise man.

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