Visualize Your Future!


Use visualization to re-program your self-image and create a vision of positive self-expectancy. Make a Vision Board! Place pictures of yourself and your loved ones with things that you desire and goals that you want to accomplish in the present/ future.

A vision board can be a bulletin board made of cork with a frame around that you hang on the wall where it serves as a daily reminder. It can also be pictures placed on your computer’s desktop as a slide show.

Our personal map can be stuck on “present” in that we have become comfortable with our present circumstances we view it as what our life IS. This is an incomplete and fictitious picture of who we are and what we are capable of accomplishing in life. We can re-program our mind by changing our thoughts; reading inspirational books and informative books on topics we are interested. Next by setting goals with a longer term view in mind we can grow and change. Learning should be a lifelong process both in what we accomplish and in knowledge through study and observation.

Action steps:

1. Create a Vision for yourself.

2. Write a plan of action, prioritize.

3. Live the plan as if you have become your vision.

4. Find mentors

5. Do it now!

Permission to Succeed

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See you on Success Road!

Zak Klemmer

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