“Most people just drift through life letting other people; i.e., family members, their boss, their job and circumstances determine their life’s outcome. Extraordinary outcomes require creative vision, planning and actions congruent with one’s vision”. –Zak Klemmer

 Are you waiting for someone else’s approval to succeed?

Become the Grand Architect of Your Universe with Zak Klemmer as your project manager and coach! His experience during the past 25 years in P&C (process and construction) make him uniquely qualified to facilitate his clients in designing their mission and vision in life:

Studied Architecture at Pierce College under:

  • Martin Gelber, AIA
  • Ben Dengler, AIA


RBB Architects, Inc.

Sheldon Brown & Associates Architects

Structural Steel Fabrication & Erection:        

Hoffmann Steel Fabrication

Cal State Steel Corporation

Cutting Edge Fabrication

Leading consulting engineering firms in the metal and mining industry:

            M3 Engineering + Architecture

            Hanlon Engineering and Architecture

            Aker Solutions

            Jacobs Engineering

Twenty-five years’ experience in design with ten years creating shop drawings of which seven years  as a project manager. This directly translates to life goals and the process of creating a life.

Founder: World of Wonder, LLC

– Leadership and Life Vision Training

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